Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Getting started

What is VictoryTutors?

A.Victorytuitionsis a service that helps students and tutors connect for private lessons.

How can VictoryTutors help?

Victory HomeTuitions solves the discovery, matching, scheduling, and payment inefficiencies in the domestic market by over 15000 active tutors with technology that connects students and tutors.

How much safe the information provided?

A. we trust and committed that users information is more important in the digital age. Your details are very safe with us .We use the details provided by you for only matching you with students/tutors and we promise we wont share any of your information to third parties.

For Students

Using VictoryTutors

What subjects can I get help with?

Our tutors are proficient in the subjects of math, sciences, programming, Engineering, social studies in all syllabus like SSC,CBSE,ICSE,IGCSE,IB. we have pool of tutors who can efficiently teach languages like English,Hindhi,Telugu,Frensh ,German ,Spanish.

I am a parent, my children need tutoring help. Can I request a tutor?

A. yes you can request a tutor by clicking the request a tutor link in our website, provided below. Just answer few questions those explain your requirement and help us to find best suited tutor for your need.

What is the fee to hire a tutor?

A. Tutors are able to set their own hourly/monthly fee. You are not required to make a payment until after a lesson takes place and you are never required to commit to a minimum number of lessons. Similar to making a reservation at a hotel, we do require you to add a form of payment prior to beginning lessons so that we may bill you after your lesson takes place.

How to schedule with a tutor?

A. Our tutors are flexible in tutoring schedules; however discuss with the tutor whenever they contacts you about their convenience and your preferred schedule.

What is the qualification and experience of tutor?

A. Tutors on VictoryTutors come from a variety of backgrounds and includes certified teachers, professionals working with MNC’s, post graduate and graduate university students and more. All tutors have been reviewed by us . Many tutors feature verified background checks and you.

Where does tutoring take place?

A: Tutors and students often choose to have lessons at the student's home. Many also use libraries or coffee shops to have lessons. It's completely up to you and your tutor.

I need instruction in a subject that you do not seem to offer. What do I do?

A: If your search comes up empty, don’t worry. Email us at or call at ******and we will help you find a qualified tutor in your area.

For Tutors/teachers

What subjects are you hiring for?

A. Our specific subject needs are based on the demands of our student population. We are currently looking for tutors in the following subjects: Computer science, Finance, Electrical Engineering, Economics, Accounting, Linear Algebra, Mechanical Engineering and more!.

If we have an open position for a subject that you qualify for in the future, we will let you know.

You can find the tutor application here:

Can I select more than one area for teaching?

Yes you can select more than one area. Our system will allow you to select maximum 5 areas and based on your selected areas our job leads will be sent to you through SMS.

How do you match me with students in my area?

A. when you are joining the VictoryTutors your preferred area saved in our system and matched automatically with the student leads in your area with our tutor-student matching system. The system will send you job alerts through SMS and mail.

How do I find students to work with?

Our system will match you with suitable tutoring leads and will send you job alerts through SMS and mail.

Even students will contact you directly by using our unique matching system.

I am not receiving SMS job alerts after registered as a tutor and for job alerts also?

A. please contact our support team on (91) 9052763252 or mail us with your registred mobile number or tutor id. We are here happy to help you.

How much commission victorytutors charges from tutor?

Victorytutors charges absolutely no commission from your salary like other conventional home tuition providers in India. Rather tutors have to pay ₹500 for 10 leads. Victory provides the student/parent details and you can directly contact the student/parent and schedule the classes. VictoryTutors unique zero commissions method allows you to earn more you deserved.

VictoryTutors Other Tutoring services Your Salary Earning
Rs.50 per lead 20-50% of you salary Full salary
Pay Rs.500 minimum Pay registration fee also You can get 10 times of extra leads for what you for other services


How much VictoryTutors charges?

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What are the payments methods?

Our payment methods are safe and secure, you can pay online or through airtel money or Vodafone M-pesa or paytm wallet. Please check for more details: Or Call us on (91) 9052763252

Are there any other option than online payment ?

Yes you can pay by directly depositing in the bank, please check number of bank accounts :

How to collect my salary?

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